Journal Issue

Volume I; Issue V; 2012

041.Characterization of Novel Plant Growth Promoting and Biocontrol Strains of Fluorescent Pseudomonads for Crop. Jitendra Malviya and Kiran Singh.

042.Genetic Diversity Analysis of Azotobacter Strains Native to Indian Agricultural Lands Using RFLP Technique. Anima Bidua, Bhupendra Prasad, Kira

043.Evaluation of the In vitro antioxidant, Anti-Enteropathogenic and Anticancer Efficacy of Natural and Synthetic Hydroxychavicol. V. Hemamalini, M.V. Dass Prakash, S. Sivaramakrishnan.

044.Utility of a -Tetralone in Synthesis of Benzimidazoles, Benzotriazole, Indole Derivatives and Fused Tricyclic Ring Systems with Biological Interest. H.A. AL. Ghulikah.

045.Electrocardiographic Abnormalities among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in a North Indian Tertiary Care Hospital. Quaiser Saif, Khan Ruhi, Haque Shahzad. F.

046.Genetic diversity and polymorphism of Acacia constricta and Acacia farnesiana. M. Balasubramanian.

047.Kinetics and Mechanism of removal of textile dyes by adsorption on Thevetia (Peruviana) neriifolia Juss. Srinivasan. P, Raja. S, Sivakumar. P

048.Gene Expression Data Analysis of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Through Microarray Technology. Nitesh C. Mishra, Brijendra Singh, Kiran Singh

049.Synthesis and Antimicrobial Study of Some Pyridine Derivatives. L.A. Al-Shabana.

050.Evaluation of In-Vitro Anticancer Activity of Barlaria buxifolia Linn Extracts Against Daltonís Lymphoma Ascites Cell line. Shivakumar. B.S, Ramaiah, M., Hema, M.R. and V.P. Vaidya


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