Journal Issue

Volume I; Issue IX; 2017

081.The Doctrine of Tissue Culture. R. Prema and C. Senthil Kumar

082.Anti-inflammatory activity of combined extract of Cissus quadrangularis & Aegle marmelos. R. Prema, C. Sethnil Kumar, K.B. Chandrasekhar and D Satheesh Sekhar

083.Thermodynamic and transport properties of binary liquid mixture containing cyclic ketone and cyclic ether at 308.15 and 318.15K. K. Umasivakami, A. Rose venis

084.Plastic Degrading Marine Bacterial (Bacillus aryabhattaiVRKPV15 and Bacillus cereus VRKPK25) Probiotic Properties Analysis under In Vitro Condition


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